Heat Stress Management System Posters

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The Heat Stress Management System Posters  present vital graphic cues to raise awareness of and prevent heat related illness. They are available in three sizes and various materials appropriate for any hi-vis cool-down areas around your facility, inside or out.

HSMS-03 is 24” x 36” generic
HSMS-04 is 24” x36” customized

  • Both the HSMS-03 and HSMS-04 posters are printed in the 24” x 36” size to accommodate smaller areas inside and outside with same information as HSMS-01 and HSMS-02.
  • Posters printed with UV inks on .015 Styrene for easy display inside or shaded areas outside
  • Thermometer is photographed for visibility
  • Posters are waterproof and resistant to fading outdoors
  • Available as a stock item or can be customized with your company’s logo and other information to conform with your EHS protocol.

Call Heat Aware at 713-228-9331 for special pricing on orders over 5 signs.

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